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Our Doctor
Brandon Ward, PA

born and raised in Hutchinson; and from an early age he knew Chiropractic was his calling. He earned a Bachelor's in Science from Kansas State University and then went on to Cleveland Chiropractic; graduating Summa Cum Lade in 2008. He was also awarded with a clinical service award for excellence in patient care voted on by the Clinicians. Dr. Ward moved his family back to Hutchinson upon graduation and has providing the community he loves with quality alternative healthcare. He enjoys spending time with and attending his four children's activities in his free time.

Our Practice


Dr. Ward takes great pride in his ability to focus on the patients’ needs. He works diligently to not only relieve patients of current problems but to work with them to create a healthy environment so future spinal issues do not arise. As he always says, “You have only one spine and there is no such thing as a spinal transplant.”


It is the policy of Ward Chiropractic to help our patients realize their total health potential by maintaining wellness. We strive to provide an atmosphere that will recognize and nurture each patient’s individuality and beliefs.


Latest Clinic News:


Get your rest

March 2, 2016


We could all use a little more rest or better quality rest. Here are some tips to get the most out of your sleep.


1. Avoid heavy meals before bed


2. Limit phone and laptop use before bed.


3. Create a 30 min wind-down period.


4. Listen to your bodys natural rythem.



We are open for Business

Jun 31, 2012

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